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Synallaxis infuscata

Status: Endangered due to disappearing habitat of their tiny range in Atlantic Forest of Brazil. Forest clearance and disturbance is their largest threat.

In the Amazon jungle, Pinto’s spinetail is a foraging brown and grey bird. There is a Tupi legend of a bird that they call jurutahy. It is said to be brown and ugly. This poor bird looked upon the moon and fell in love with her glowing visage, and so he courted her, singing love songs indefatigably through the long nights. Despite his ardent musical proclamations, the moon scorned the little bird, night after night. His entreaties fell upon her beautiful and deaf ears.

The jurutahy is thus seen as a symbol of the romantic bliss that a poet experiences. Though the world might not care for his artistry, still he creates, still he sends his voice out into the void, for to speak of love is worthwhile in itself.

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Size: 6 x 6 inches
Medium: Ink
©2023, Stephanie Law