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8.5x11 inch print ($25.00)
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Sciurus vulgaris

Status: Near Threatened in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Population has been declining for decades since the introduction of invasive grey squirrels from America. Grey squirrels carry and spread a virus that they are themselves immune to, but for which red squirrels have no defense. They are also threatened by increased road traffic and predators.

In Norse mythology, the world tree is a great ash tree named Yggdrasil. Its branches, trunk, and roots span all of creation, both the earth, hell, and the heavens. All the mortal realm, and that of the gods in encompassed in its being.

The ancient Norse book, Prose Edda, was written in the 13th century. The prose Edda recounts how in the crown of the tree is a wise eagle, keen-eyed and far-seeing. On one of the tree great roots is a dragon, who bites and tears at the tree. In the space between, constantly running up and down the trunk, there is a squirrel named Ratatoskr. He scurries back and forth, between the eagle in the upper aeries, and the dragon in the lower roots. He is a messenger, relaying their ancient enmity with mischievous delight. With chittering words, the squirrel nips at the edges of the feud to sustain it. With his drill-sharp teeth he gnaws at Yggdrasil, a part of the endless destruction and regrowth of the great ash.

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Size: 6 x 6 inches
Medium: Ink
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