Undying Tales : Special Edt Undying Tales $105

The Undying Tales series from 2019-2020 is compiled in this limited edition book. Please note that estimated to shipping happens about 3-6 weeks after placing order because of custom drawing in each book.
* 6x6 inches
* Linen-hardcover, silver embossed
* 70 Pages
* Full color (ink illustrations)
* Signed and numbered by the artist
* Hand-drawn remarque in ink on the limitation page of the book.
  Pick from "cold-blooded", "feathered", "furred", "mythic".
  If you wish to be more specific with a particular creature, please see the $130.00 Special Edition Option.
* Specially designed phoenix bookmark of stainless steel and tassel

5% of profits from this book go to the Undying Tales environmental charities. Thank you for your support!


Please select the creature category for your personalized remarque sketch

If you wish to be specific about your remarque subject, see the Special Edition - Choice option


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