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Ursus arctos isabellinus

Status: Vulnerable. Poached for fur and claws. Also killed by shepherds protecting their domestic livestock.

Unexplained tracks, and distantly glimpsed sightings have long given rise to legends of yeti in the Himalayan mountains. Arguments rage on whether anecdotes of yeti sightings are the result of hallucinations brought on by the high altitudes and cold, or the misinterpreted silhouette of a bear standing upright, or that it is an elusive and shy actual creature, or an outright hoax.

The word yeti stems from the Tibetan word yeh, meaning rocky area, and teh denotes an animal. The yeti is said to be seven or eight feet tall, bipedal ape-or-bear-like creature. Color of the fur ranges from white and grey to brown. Many hair samples and mummified remains have been collected over the years that was attributed to the yeti, however when scientific analysis was performed on these samples, the large majority of the results pointed to the Himalyan brown bear.

The Sherpa people of Nepal and Tibet tell of a related creature called dzu-teh. Although it is also larger even than the yeti, with long shaggy hair, and it is primarily quadrapedal.

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