Galleries : Undying Tales 2019/2020 : UT - Southern Brown Bandicoot

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BANDICOOT - 6.5x6.5 inches $185.00
BANDICOOT I - 4.5x3.5 inches $55.00

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Highlighted species: Isoodon obesulus obesulus

The ancestor of the bandicoots was a being named Karora. In the beginning, there was only darkness and night, and Karora slept in the basin of a waterless soak. In the soil above his head there were red flowers and grasses and a sacred pole. As Karora lay there, dreaming and thinking, wishing and desiring, bandicoots sprang from his navel and armpits, streaming forth as the first day broke and the sun rose into the sky.

Karora burst through the crust of land, and water from honeysuckle buds filled the soak. He was hungry and so he seized two of the bandicoots and cooked and ate them. When he fell asleep that night, a bullroarer emerged from his armpit and when Karora awoke, the bullroarer grew into a young man. This son of Karora danced with him, in the first ceremony.

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Size: 6 x 6 inches
Medium: Ink
©2020, Stephanie Law

Detail closeups: