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I don't have a whole lot of new art to offer you for February and March, due to the fact that these past few weeks have had me completely immersed in the final stages of preparing a new art book - "Descants & Cadences". More details below about this exciting project!

Upcoming Shows and New Releases

It has been about 4 years since my previous collected works volume "Between the Seams". In that interim, a LOT of art has happened, and a lot of twists and turns to my style and subject matter. A new book to reflect those changes is overdue, and will include pieces from Strange Dreams, my Magpie Series, the Stag Sonata Cycle, Insecta, and Descants and Cadences.

This new art book will be launched via crowdfunding on Kickstarter (tentative launch date is April 14th) because in addition to a standard Trade Edition I want to be able to create a Special Edition version that will hopefully be as much a piece of art as what it contains. I'm so excited about this project, and I hope I can infect you with some of the excitement as well!

If you want to keep informed about getting in on the kickstarter once it launches, please sign up for the mailing list for it here at You can calso watch this Facebook Event Page.

As the countdown to April 14th approaches, I'll be posting a stream of sneak peeks to that Facebook page as well: pages from the book, cover designs, and exclusive offerings that will be a part of the kickstarter. You can help me with making some decisions for final colors for the cloth bound Special Edition as well!

Penumbra Boutique & Gallery, Portugal - March 19 - April 18, 2016 beMUSEd
Featuring the art from members of the Copycat Violence Collective.
Thirty botanical illustrations original watercolor paintings released. These pieces were all created for an herbal guide book to be published by Llewellyn next month (more information about that in April). They range in price from $30.00 - $350.00
The Shadowscapes Coloring Book ($12.99)
"Lovingly drawn by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, these 60+ colorable illustrations feature scenes from fairy tales, myths, and folklore found in cultures around the world. Engage your creativity through the absorbing act of coloring, and immerse yourself in the imaginative realm of Shadowscapes. Each page has perforated edges for easy removal and is suitable for display in a standard frame."

The Art!

Prints, as always, are available on the site for most of these pieces. $16.95 for 8.5x11 inch and $26.95 for 11x17. Check the individual image pages for original painting availability.


Stewartia Pseudocamellia -
A branch from a Japanese Stewartia tree that I found flowering when I visited the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden in Washington last year. I was in the area to attend the opening of my show Immortal Ephemera at Krab Jab Studio, and took a jaunt out to the Garden one day. I came away with many inspiring impressions!

Prints - Available


Trailing Blue -
I would say "little", but since it's roughly 50x the size of an actual bee, I can't really. So, a "big" blue-banded-bee. I originally thought to expand on a series of "Unusual Specimens", but then shortly after I thought to paint a blue bee, I discovered that they actually exist already. Nature is fantastic!

Oh little blue, from where do you fly?
~Out past the seam where the sea's stitched to sky.~
And what do you bring me from so far beyond?

~A breath from a cloud from the day yet to dawn.~

Original Painting - $465.00 Available via Every Day Original. If interested, please check at 10AM EST on March 18th.


Divine Origins -
On view this month at Penumbra Art Boutique as part of the show "beMUSEd".
Sometimes inspiration can have very humble beginnings, but one never knows what can sprout from that little seed.

Original Painting - $325.00 Available via Penumbra. If interested, please inquire at