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The Honeybee was abuzzling bumbling
Out among the eaves
When she came across the Spider
Lurking in between the leaves.

Come and visit, urged the Spider.
Iíve laid the best china out
    (The plates with dainty yellow flowers)
Youíve worked so hard this summerís day, You have a thirst, no doubt!

The Honeybee abuzzled bumbled
Through the sappy bower,
And grew quite heavy with her load
Of pollen from the flowers.

Come inside, the Spider crooned,
Iíve just made up the nest.
Itís downy soft, a lovely place
To settle down and rest.

And so the Honeybee was lured
By words and sweetened sap
To still her buzzling wings a spell
And lay down for a nap.

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Size: 10 x 14 inches
Medium: Pencil
©2013, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
Original: Sold